Thank You

Hey Horse People:

If you have time to read only one blog, let it be

You will find everything from a great feature on the play, and upcoming movie, War Horse to a story about Friesians and updates on horse racing.

I recently wanted to get a review of The Eighty Dollar Champion, the story of Snowman. There it was tucked away on blogger Rhonda Lane’s Summer Beach reading list.

One day when I was surfing on the blog I found her review of The Lords Of Misrule, a novel about racing that won the National Book Award. She included a paragraph about the fact that many horse people have hesitated to read it due to a fear about dealing with the darker side of claim races. “Whoa”, I thought. “Now she is reading my mind!”  Rhonda said it was ok, so I went out and got the book.

Great job Rhonda!


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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2 Responses to Thank You

  1. Rhonda Lane says:

    Thank you so much. So glad you enjoy reading the blog. Isn’t it great when you find out that other people love what you do, too? Thanks again.

  2. Rhonda Lane says:

    I meant to say, “Isn’t it great when you find out that people love what you love, too.” Oops. Just leaving out an itty bitty word changes the whole meaning.

    Anyway, thank you – again.


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