Treasure Hunt!

We are having a  TREASURE HUNT!   Can you help Quincy the Horse solve a Mystery?

The Quincy the Horse Books are on the shelves in selected locations of a national chain bookstore, but we do not know where. We need some DETECTIVES on the case! 

HOW IT WORKS…Find a copy of Quincy Finds A New Home or Quincy Moves to the Desert at any location of the well known chain bookstore. Take a picture of the book in the children’s section. Email the picture to us at and tell us where the store is located. 

Pathfinder will send you a free autographed copy of Quincy Moves to the Desert and the first 10 winners will receive an iTunes gift card. No purchase is necessary to enter the TREASURE HUNT.


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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