eBooks and eReaders for Kids: Three Issues to Talk About

Children’s books are not just books. They are works of art that create a world the child can enter. They provide a child with an artistic experience. However, today everyone is talking about eBooks and eReaders. But are they a fit for young children (preK- 4th grade)?

Let’s have that conversation.

As an author myself, I will share some of my thoughts related to eBooks for children:

  • The reading experience. I am a fan of the classic, keepsake type of book and I was not sure I wanted to make my books available in an eFormat. Then one day I was at a book festival and a mom asked if the books were EBooks yet. She explained that her daughter, who was not that comfortable reading, had made great progress recently because it was a special treat to share her dad’s eReader. About the same time I learned that eBooks were going to be available at public libraries. I realized everything has its place and use and I was excited to learn more.
  • How to translate art into a digital format. I knew that books with illustrations and photos were not as readily available on eReaders yet, but I did not understand the technology. Then I learned about a format called “fixed pagination.” This allows the open book to be seen as a two page spread on the screen. This is best because some illustrations are over both pages. I also learned that the iPad is the only device that supports this technology at present.
  • Child’s use of an eReader. This thought put me back in touch with my years as a parent of young children. I remember managing TV time and then the use of the computer. By the time cell phones came along, my children were approaching adulthood and making their own choices for the most part.  So for eReaders is time unlimited if your children are just reading age appropriate books? How are parents today dealing with these issues?

All in all it sounds like eBooks and eReaders are here to stay and are gaining incredible interest along the way. Given that how might your PreK – 4th grader be using an eReader? Do you see it as an entertainment device or a book? Are ereaders appropriate for bedtime stories? Do you plan to continue buying print books?

Camille is the author of the Mom’s Choice Award winning Quincy Finds A New Home and Quincy Moves to the Desert. Which will be released for iPad this summer. Please join us at www.facebook.com/quincythehorse to follow Quincy as he gallops to the iPasture.


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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