Beau’s Story

I had grown up in Kentucky and I did not know anything about American Quarter Horses, but when I got Beau’s papers, I wanted to learn more. He had been born on the King Ranch and pretty soon I was deep into the history of the breed. I learned that while we thought of Beau as a special individual, and he was, his personality and abilities were part of the breed. He taught me single handedly that a Quarter Horse can truly do anything.

17_Beau'sStoryBeau was smart and confident and had a no nonsense approach. As a show horse he found every spot and nailed every jump.  He competed in Children’s Hunters until well into his twenties. His last year at the New York State Horse Show he was Champion, winning every over fences class. This illustration at the end of Quincy Finds a New Home was painted from a photograph of Beau taking at jump at that show.

When my daughter outgrew Beau, he became my horse. He taught me to jump. He helped our barn budget by being a half lease to a younger child who had a physical disability and carried her safely through learning to ride and jump. When we moved to New Mexico, Beau was a bombproof trail horse. When I wanted to learn more about therapeutic horsemanship he traded one day a week at a nearby therapeutic riding program for me to do an internship. He was as always, Mr. Reliable

Beau at Shiprock


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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