My Love Affair with Quarter Horses: Impressively A Quince

When I decided to move to New Mexico, I knew Beau needed a partner. By now I was a full fledged Quarter Horse fan so I went for a Quarter Horse. Even though we were stabled in a Hunter Jumper show barn, I never considered any other breed. We found a prospect in an area about two hours away where there was an active rodeo circuit and Quarter Horses trained to ride Western.

Impressively A QuinceImpressively A Quince was a classic red Quarter Horse who you may have met in my book, Quincy Finds A New Home. I tried him out at a sale barn where he had been sent because his owner was ill. He was small but he was beautiful, gentle and friendly, just as in the storybook. I bought him on the spot and brought him home.

Quincy was sweet and loving. He and Beau hit it off too. Beau was bossy and clearly the head horse in our family. Quincy was a little insecure in a new place and looking for guidance. Quincy became Beau’s shadow and they were a pair from the beginning. It was not hard to imagine the conversations reported in the Quincy the Horse Books where Quincy always begins his search for the answers to life’s challenges by turning to Beau!

Owning Quincy definitely extended my knowledge of Quarter Horses and sometimes in unexpected ways. Before he was bought, he was vet checked by the show barn vet who did not see many Quarter Horses.  I called the insurance company to have Quincy put on the policy. When she heard he was a Quarter Horse, the lady said, “Well as long as he is not from the Impressive line there should not be a problem.” Oops! His registered name was Impressively A Quince and the name Impressive seemed to be on every line in his pedigree. This was how I learned about HYPP. Thankfully, when I sent off the required test, it came back Negative/Negative.

Once we got to New Mexico, I took Quincy out on the trail. It is so different riding out in the desert because you can see for miles around. There was no cover of trees and no bridle paths such as those in the forests back East. Quincy’s reaction was to take off. That was how I learned that the Impressive Quarter Horses had racing genes. Those dirt roads in the desert seemed to make him go back to his racing roots, especially if another horse was ahead and picked up a canter. He was even known to buck me off if I did not let him go. Some people suggested I should sell him but I never considered it


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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2 Responses to My Love Affair with Quarter Horses: Impressively A Quince

  1. I have had the pleasure of working with many quarter horses and now own an appendix quarter mare that does it all- my fox hunting mount, she trail rides, drives a carriage and overall husband horse!


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