My Love Affair with Quarter Horses: Buck Chapter 1

Beau passed away just before his 30th birthday. Our family was lost without him. Quincy and I did not know what to do with ourselves. I was really worried about Quincy. I was not sure how he would do. Actually I have to say that he handled it better than I did.

I know all horse people have gone through this. Every horse person has their Beau, with that one amazing, special horse that comes into your life at a difficult time and gets you growing to become the person you hoped to be. No matter how you try to prepare yourself, you cannot picture how to get through losing them and going forward.

I could not even imagine another horse living in Beau’s stall and it sat empty for weeks. I knew this was not a good situation so I finally started fostering horses for the therapeutic riding center where he had worked. They had horses who had been donated but needed rehab and care before they could work in the program. They  were a comfort to me and Quincy.

Buck Tied TrailerFinally after 3 months I decided it was time to get Quincy a new partner. I got a lead on a horse who was an experienced trail horse. His owner had had back surgery and kept his two horses for several years hoping he could ride again.  When it did not work out, he put them up for sale. The horse I wanted to try was on a ranch about four hours from where we lived.

The first day I met Buck on a visit to this ranch, he was in a herd of about 50 horses, mares, gelding and babies. It was late afternoon feeding time and the herd had come up to the fenced area near the house where hay was thrown for them. I went over to the fence and tried to spot the dappled grey gelding. To my surprise, a dappled grey gelding left the group and came over to the fence. He nickered and put his nose in my hand. I tried him out and he was a pleasure to ride, very soft and steady. The tryout was important but I admit he had me the moment he nickered!

Buck RegalWhen we got home, I learned that as much as Buck liked people, he did not like other horses. I like horses more than I like people so I guess horses can feel the same way. The problem was he was supposed to be Quincy’s partner and he only wanted to beat him up! Buck took up his home in Beau’s stall but he and Quincy could only be turned out in separate pastures.

The story of Buck’s life in our family has many chapters and to date a very happy ending, but the details will take a few more posts.


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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2 Responses to My Love Affair with Quarter Horses: Buck Chapter 1

  1. Laura Sjosten says:

    Buck looks pretty intimidating.


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