5 Ways a New Horse is Like a New Baby

Danny is a joy and we love him. There is just something unique about a new horse.  During the first few weeks after his arrival, I also realized how much it reminds me of bringing home a new baby.

Danny in trailerHere are 5 ways it is the same.

1)     The first week after you get them home, you are totally focused on whether they are eating, pooping and at a healthy weight.

2)     Whether it’s the nursery or the corrals, everything is turned upside down when you reorganize to be make them an appropriate living space.

3)     Your entire life is dominated by the bonding experience because you are the only one who can calm them.

4)     A lot of time is spent protecting them from their siblings.

5)     Your spouse seems unimportant. (This one was contributed by my husband.)


About Pathfinder Pursuits

Camille is a licensed clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of the Quincy the Horse children's books.
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